KTM Delta : Electric Motorcycle

KTM Delta : Electric Motorcycle for Hipsters Just Like Riding a Single Speed Bike

Designer : Benjamin Loinger

KTM Delta by Benjamin Loinger

In corporation with KTM and Kista, Benjamin Loinger has designed KTM Delta, a concept motorcycle for younger generation. You can read his explanations about this project below. KTM DELTA is an electric-mobility-concept for hipsters, a subculture of young people, with which they can explore the city, based on the driving style of a single speed bicycle. It’s a bike that sets itself and the driver in scene. With KTM DELTA, the surrounding can be explored easily and new challenges can be found. During use, there is no visible interface that distracts the user. Therefore the main focus is laid on driving.Beside the usual construction of motorcycles with steel or aluminum, KTM DELTA has a monocoque frame made of carbon fiber. The low weight of the material allows a light construction, a unique structure results from the formation.

KTM Delta by Benjamin Loinger

The appearance is reminiscent of a homogeneous and organic form. The transitions of the surfaces are fluent and should only form edges where they shall give the shape more expression and support it. By bracing the frame with the seat, the frame is closed within itself and therefore stable. Charging or replacing the battery can be achieved by lifting the seat, which is connected with a fastener to the frame.True to the principle “Less is more”, the e-mobility-concept from KTM DELTA is limited to the essential, on the one hand to the driving experience of a single speed bike and on the other hand to save as much weight as possible. Therefore the bike is more agile and easier to handle. The monocoque structure of the frame generates the largest possible sliding surface, tricks can be carried out freely and easily. There are no exposed parts that cause snagging. Due to the lightweight frame and plenty of suspension travel all obstacles can be overcome in the city. The narrow design allows navigating through the narrowest streets.For applications such as jumping, exploring, negotiating and styling KTM DELTA has a seat height of 870 mm, enough ground clearance and suspension travel for all projects of the owner.

KTM Delta by Benjamin Loinger

KTM Delta by Benjamin Loinger

KTM Delta by Benjamin Loinger

KTM Delta by Benjamin Loinger



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